Last Wacky Web…

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Tell me your favorite memory of 2nd grade… My favorite memory is watching all of you walk in my classroom in August and knowing God blessed me with some amazing kids!!! Thank you for an awesome year…I love all of you and already miss you!

Wacky Web 5/24/17

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Prayer is very powerful and a great way to talk to God. Tell me something  you have prayed to God about. Did He answer it right away? Are you still waiting for His answer?? Do you still use your prayer rock?

Spelling & Memory for 5/22-5/26

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Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2

  1. apple
  2. little
  3. middle
  4. simple
  5. tickle
  6. uncle
  7. bubble
  8. table
  9. needle
  10. Bible
  11. people
  12. double
  13. pencil

WACKY WEB 5/17/17

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What was your favorite part about our field trip to see the dinosaurs??

Spelling & Memory for 5/15-5/19

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  1. don’t
  2. can’t
  3. he’s
  4. she’d
  5. we’ve
  6. hasn’t
  7. haven’t
  8. you’ll
  9. you’re
  10. I’ll
  11. let’s
  12. doesn’t
  13. won’t

Memory: Mrs. Busch has asked our memory verse this week to be lyrics from one of our songs for our musical.

“So that everyone will know

that Jesus saves.

Everyone will see

His grace in me.

Everyone will hear He set us free to daily walk in victory

because He lives.

Now everyone will know.”

Wacky Web 5/10/17

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Claire thinks we should do Wacky Web on our amazing moms this week since Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Tell me why you love your mom! 🙂

Spelling and Memory for 5/8-5/12

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No Spelling this week because of Field Day!

Memory: For the Son of man came to seek and to save the lost. Luke 19:10

We will be saying our memory verse on Thursday because of Field Day!